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ELEMENTS Sports Specific 8-week Training Camp


  • Suitable for participants of a wide range of sports
  • Football, Basketball, Rugby, American Football, Racket-sports, Combat training, Cricket & Hockey all beneficiaries
  • Complimentary to fit in with any other training you do
  • 90-minute sessions with thorough warm-up and pre-hab exercises to make you RESILIENT!
  • Next 8 week program starting Saturday 12th June
  • We will test your fitness at the start and end of the training camp
  • You will receive for free, a tailored program of videos to follow along to improve your performance – these will be individually assigned
  • Make this the summer where you step up your training for the new season ahead!

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WELCOME to the Elements Sport Specific 8-week camp

Our bespoke program runs over an 8 week period – which will include a test & retest week at the start and end, and the following benefits:

  • Improve your mobility & flexibility to increase injury prevention
  • Improve stability and balance to become ready for anything
  • Strength & Power approaches proven to carry over to the field of play
  • Agility, footwork and reactivity training to make you FAST & STRONG
  • A tailored program to help you IMPROVE on your INDIVIDUAL WEAKNESSES

When, where & who with?

  • Saturdays starting from the 12th June
  • 1030 – 1200
  • At Elements Training Ltd gym
  • Occasional outdoor sessions where appropriate
  • Support videos to be completed at home with minimal equipent
  • With CERTIFIED & TRUSTED Strength & Conditioning coaches

This has been designed to be a PERFORMANCE program to test & identify weaknesses & strengths in the following areas:

  • Strength endurance
  • Maximal Strength
  • Power & Explosivity
  • Maximal Aerobic output
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • An overall understanding of your athletic qualities

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