Welcome to the Elements Training


All of our Elements members will receive a thorough induction process into our facility where we will guide you through all the necessary steps to realise your goals, and to ACTUALLY SEE where and how you CAN and WILL make progress.

Our classes


The foundation of our sessions focus on the basics. Working on a joint-by-joint approach to help lubricate and mobilize major joints of the body. Expect to learn how to carry over to the basics of movement on a joint-by-joint approach to a global level. Squatting, lunging, pushing & pulling are all primal movement patterns that we as humans have forgotten. Getting back to primal roots to help understand movement again

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Our classes


Combining the ethos of mobility & movement alongside the techniques we apply in our strength sessions, our conditioning sessions aim to improve the bodies ability to work at greater capacities of output. Expect in these sessions that the heart rate will be raised and you will be challenged – but never at the expense of good technique.

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Our classes


Once the basics of movement have been improved, and muscle balance restored, transition to the strength sessions will become granted. In these sessions we follow a knee hinge / hip hinge approach across the week with Squat and Deadlift variations across the week, with the inclusion of upper body push & pull exercises and of course, a focus on core integration.

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Tailored Training – Assessment Prosess 

At Elements training, our objective is to bridge the gap between 1-1 Personal Training and a gym membership. We are passionate that everyone of our members should receive a level of service we would expect to deliver to our 1-1 clientele.

  • Do any of these relate to you personally?
  • Unsure of what to do in the gym?
  • 1-1 Personal Training seem too daunting or expensive?
  • Want to feel like part of a community that genuinely cares about you making progress?
1. Consultation
You will have an in-depth consultation session where our skilled team will help you understand the direction your training should take based upon your goals.
3. Personal Program Session
Your coach will complete a complete program of activity based upon the previous 2 sessions. They will run through all of this with you and ensure that you are certain about what to complete and when.
2. Assessment
Based on your experience and ability, you will then be given a session to assess where you currently our in relation to your goals.
4. Progress Review
You will review you  progress. Once again, this will be based upon the initial goals that had been set, reviewing your gym and class usage and attendance and allowing you the opportunity to make comments on the journey undertaken so far. 
Consultation & Assessment

Benefit from personalised planning & 1-1 customer care

Training Plan Applied

Receive a thorough program based upon needs & tailored to YOU!

Review of Progress

Re-evaluate with your coach on your progress & see your results!