Here’s a compiled list of questions we often get asked!

Can I use the gym whenever I want?

In a word - YES! We designed the gym layout with the intention that during group sessions there would still be a reasonable amount of available space for members not participating. The coaches are happy to work with you so that you are aware of the main areas group sessions are planning to use.

What days & times are you open?

We are open every day of the week, with our weekend hours varying in comparison to the weekday. We amend the hours slightly at Christmas depending on how the days fall but inform all of our members in advance. Head on over to the gym section of the site for our opening times!

Do you offer 1-1 Personal Training & can I get more info?

We do, and of course! Because 1-1 training is just that, personal, all of our PT sessions are entirely bespoke & based on the needs of the individual for where the are in their journey. We help roadmap your pathway to success and give you the tools to get there. Head on over to the PT page or give us a shout if you want more information!

Who is Elements for - do I need to be fit to join?

Absolutely NOT! However, we do go to great lengths to provide a truly unique induction process for those who want it. We pride ourselves on making bespoke plans a standard feature of what we do - but it will only be for you if you WANT TO GET RESULTS. There is no magic wand, and ultimately your success lands on your desire to achieve it.

What equipment do you have?

There's too much specific equipment to detail here, but in a nutshell. We are a functional training facility with a full range of barbells, dumbbells & kettlebells. We also have resistance bands, Olympic lifting platforms, CV kit & a host of other cool stuff. Images of the gym & kit housed in it can be found in the gym section.

Do you have shower / changing facilities on site?

Yes! We have 2 individual-use shower rooms with ample space in which to change. They feature a power shower with ample voltage to ensure that your shower will be hot and rejuvenating. We have hair dryers and mirrors adjacent to these so once you've changed you can promptly get set to get on with your day.

Is there parking available on-site

We ask our clients to remain respectful of our neighbouring businesses by not parking directly in front of any other units. You can park in front of the gym itself, or the business centre has a communal paring area at far end of the car park - where you are free to park in any available spaces. We generally experience our busiest periods at differing times to our neighbours & have agreements with them about out of hours parking - If you are unsure - please ask upon arrival and help us maintain harmonious business relationships!

Is Elements Covid-secure?

Throughout the pandemic we have been dedicated to providing as sanitary a space to train as is possible & have adhered to all regulations imposed. We remain vigilant in keeping up-to-date with government guidelines around Covid-related issues & continue to apply wherever possible social distancing, limiting of cross-contamination, regular checks on cleanliness throughout & encourage clients to remain self-disciplined in maintaining cleaning equipment contact points after use.

Can I come to try out as a one-off?

Of course - although our group classes are aimed at supplementing our members and as a result are limited in numbers - if there is space then you are welcome to get involved in any of them. We will need to get a quick health screening form complete and a quick chat to ensure that specific session is right for you. You can also just use the gym for your own training too if you are happy in what you are doing. Just purchase a day pass for either or get in touch to check availability of sessions.

Do you sell supplements / merchandise there?

We stock individually priced energy drinks, protein bars, bottles of water & coffee if you need a pre/post workout boost. Alternatively we receive trade prices with local suppliers so if there are particular products you want access to, we run a weekly order that you can collect directly from the gym. We aim to pass on some of our discount so that you can get hold of supplements at a better rate than you'd find elsewhere. We also stock a range of Elements merchandise if you want to support us when training, doing the shopping, or just relaxing at home!

I'm not confident - will someone be around to help?

If you need more guidance and input for your training - that option WILL be offered to you upon joining up & you'll get a lot of coaching time to help you get started. However - we know that it can be daunting entering new training spaces. During open hours the gym is always staffed - and our small team of coaches (their uniform will indicate they are coaches!) will be happy to answer questions. They may be with another client but please don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it!

My child is keen to train - how does that work?

Although this can be tricky - there are a few options that you have. Children can benefit from strength training from an early age - so 1-1 training (as our coaches are trained to know what is right for them!) can be an option from 7 upwards. However if they want to join the gym as members - from 14 to 16 they can train under supervision of a parent or responsible adult, and from 16 they can train alone - but will require an adult to complete their health screening forms.

Got a question?

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