All of our Elements members receive a thorough induction process into our facility where we will guide you through all the necessary steps to realise your goals

We have selected the equipment, identified the layout and created an environment in which our clients will feel empowered to train; providing the variety necessary to keep training effective, and interesting.


You will have a consultation session with one of our highly trained and experienced team. Here, we will help you set some goals for long-term progression with short term targets to meet. Our team will then identify certain assessments based these goals and your level of experience or ability.

You will have a thorough assessment session – this will be dependent on your targets, and will vary from person to person. This could be a more verbal, in-depth assessment of lifestyle or 1 rep max testing. Our coaches will apply what is RIGHT and RELEVANT for you as an INDIVIDUAL.

Before your next session, your coach will have prepared your training program – based on your availability and time demands – and outlined which of our unique classes would be suitable for your development. This session will help guide you through your program and identify the best way for YOU to consume it, use it, and therefore BENEFIT.

Once the assessment process is done, we will be in a position to best advise how you can reach your goals — and will have set some objective ones for you along the way to help you realise them. Our gym team will be on hand to help with any questions regarding any specifics of the program of which you may be unsure and your coach will present your program to you in a way that you can consume it.

All exercises will be selected in a way that feeds in to realising long-term goals and achieving short-term targets. A combination of simple but effective tools such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and carefully selected resistance machines, as well as an ample range of CV kit, will provide all the variety necessary to keep training effective, and interesting.

We run unique, in-house classes which serves as greater support for our clients. This facility enables us to provide an option to all, at any stage of their training – and participation in at least one of these will be actively encouraged from our team to you – giving you the accountability to take ownership of your own development.