Wellness Injury Rehabilitation

Good nutrition is key in supporting your fitness aspirations, nutrients fuel our bodies and keep them running at optimum performance. We can assist in guiding you through the process to help you achieve your goals, both in the gym and the kitchen!

Pursuing physical activity should be accompanied by a diet that optimises your health. The journey at Elements tends to look like this:


The initial stage involves a consultation and lifestyle questionnaire. The questionnaire includes medical dietary requirements and social habits. This gives us an opportunity to get to know your current lifestyle. This is a non-judgemental exercise and gives us insight in how to help you achieve your goals.


This assessment involves you keeping a 7-day accurate food diary to assess your current nutritional habits. In order to implement strategies to ensure success, all activity should be recorded. We recommend using an app such as MyFitnessPal to log and record meals. This is a great tool to continually use to track and assess progress with.


After submission of the 7-day food diary, we will analyse the information to provide accurate feedback. Again, this is completely non-judgemental and we will work with you to set achievable objectives. Of course, every person is different, but often it starts with very small changes, which we will outline during this session.


Whatever your goal may be, whether it’s to lose body fat or increase muscle, we will assist in providing direction to help you achieve your goals. We can assist in creating realistic and achievable meal plans as well as making small gradual changes in behaviours towards your nutrition.


Once your goals have been identified and a strategy has been implemented, we will follow up with regular consultations, food diaries and assessments. We will monitor your progress and keep you on the right track to help in creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


We predominantly aim to apply a simple & sustainable approach to healthy eating and promote balance and enjoyment as part of a healthy lifestyle. Below is an example of how we implement this. However, we also know that at times a more controlled approach needs to be taken and if necessary we can calculate the amount of key nutrients you need based on you daily activity if you need more of a push to achieve your goals.


We are qualified personal trainers and sports coaches, and have therefore undergone the framework required to achieve these qualifications. This includes extensive nutritional and health modules, enabling us to provide information about food and health eating. We are permitted to offer general healthy eating advice on nutritional intake based on credible, evidence based sources. However, we will not prescribe nutrition to alleviate medical conditions.

Upon enquiring about the health and nutrition plans provided by Elements, we ask that you sign the disclaimer outlined below.

“By utilising Elements personal trainer services, you acknowledge that any meal plans issued are not aimed to diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure any medical conditions. The meal plans issued are to guide and provide advice to complement and support your fitness goals solely. By enrolling in Elements Nutrition & Health Plans, you acknowledge that you understand that Elements meal plans are recommendations and advice only and that you should seek the advice of a registered dietician or doctor if you feel you have a medical condition that requires a nutritional-based diagnosis, prescription or treatment.”