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L4 Advanced PT – Upfront Payment


 Our Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer qualification provides you with a solid portfolio of progression across a 12-week case study. You are required to take several clients through a 3 month program, regularly assessing adapting and applying necessary changes to the program to obtain the results obtained in client briefing at the beginning of the process.

Practical days are informative, in-depth and aimed to give you all the necessary skills and resources you could ever need to differentiate from other PT’s currently vying for space in a crowded industry. Stand out from the crowd and showcase your skills, abilities and value as an ADVANCED Personal Trainer and establish as an ELITE coach.

2024 course dates – Please note, All dates shown represent weekend options – if there are any concerns about attendance on dates listed, discussion with your tutor can lead to option of catch up days being offered in the week.

Dates are adequately spaced to digest the volume of information and for appropriate time to apply skills learned on practical dates of course to support the case study

13th/14th January
3rd/4th & 24th/25th February
16th March
6th April
Please reach out in advance if you have issues with the attendance of certain dates for us to provide you with your suitable options.


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The field of personal training and the needs of modern day professional personal trainers is rapidly evolving in line with the broad ranging needs and goals of the clients they serve. As a result, the industry has never been more competitive. Highly successful personal trainers are results driven and confidently differentiate their services offered to provide an ethical service and sustain a highly successful business. Driving this success is a more scientific and evidence-based approach to programming, training, monitoring and managing clients which translates to better client retention as well as attracting new clients.

This qualification provides learners with the enhanced knowledge and skills to fully understand their clients, utilise an evidence-based approach to programming and develop a successful and sustainable personal training business, including:

Research, evaluation and use of credible research and information to inform personal training / coaching practice.

Integration and application of technologies, digital and social media into personal training practice to support, enhance and manage the client journey.

The application of behaviour change and communication techniques to support, enhance and manage the client journey.

Assessment, performance analysis and evaluation to support, enhance and manage the client journey.

Design and application of long-term periodisation, planning, coaching and evaluation to optimise client success.


A combination of a case study, presentations & practical observations make up the required assessment protocol for this qualification


Distance / Blended


~ Learners must hold a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (or equivalent), a Level 3 Coaching qualification (or equivalent) or a Level 3 Strength and conditioning qualification (or equivalent).
~ Learners may also hold relevant higher education or further education qualifications that are equivalent or higher than those listed above (e.g. physiotherapy, sports therapy).
~ There is an element of communication (discussing, presenting, reading and writing) involved and learners should have basic skills in communication pitched at level 3


This qualification provides progression on to:
~ Higher education (e.g. college or university) to study strength and conditioning at a higher level.
~ A range of specialist strength and conditioning qualifications.
~ Other level 4 and 5 qualifications in related sectors


Course days run from 0900-1700, with digital support available on-demand. Should dates not be possible to attend, the relevant information will also be provided via these means.



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Elements Training, Peterborough, PE4 5BH

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Feb 1st 24, Feb 2nd 24

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