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3 Month re-opening offer



Take advantage of our return to trade offer. LIMITED TIME ONLY!!

Thinking of joining the community at Elements Training?

We are back open again following the governments advice during the Coronavirus pandemic & raring to go. You can now take advantage of a limited time only offer available to all wanting to be part of our unique facility and training approach.

WHAT WE DO – The Elements approach:

You will receive 1-1 care and support during your unique introduction into the way we train, everyone who joins receives the following thorough attentive induction.

  1. Consultation: In depth discussion where our skilled team will help you understand the direction your training should take and identify what is important to you in your regime.
  2. Assessment session:
    1. Based on your experience and ability you will undergo a session with some simple yet revealing fitness assessments. This will give our team information on your flexibility, endurance and how efficiently you perform basic movement patterns.
    2. Your will get a thorough body composition check, measurements of key areas, body fat % and weight to get a great idea of your starting point.
  3. Personal program session: Your coach will complete a program of activity based upon the previous 2 sessions. They will run through all of this with you and ensure that you are certain about what to complete and when
  4. Progress Review: At the end of your 2 months, you will get a thorough re-assessment and compare how your progress has been made in all Elements of your fitness journey.


WHO is Elements Training for? Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Already involved in a training regime, working toward a goal and needing more tailored guidance in their training
  • Want to benefit from elite standard coaching to truly reach your potential
  • Bored of conventional gyms full of rows of treadmills and equipment, but without any real understanding of how to maximise the use
  • Completely new to the gym and needing lots of focussed care and attention
  • Tried exercise but gave up because saw no results or were unsure of how to get them
  • Always injured and whenever trying to start just end up having to quit

The above examples, and all in-between will be granted this completely individualised training approach, with exercises chosen for their suitability to the client, ability and relevance to targets.