tailored training in Peterborough

Train insane or remain the same

Elements Training is the bridge between your gym goals and your gym success. We offer personalised, results-driven training programs to take your health & fitness to the next level. Whether you require sport-specific training or you’re looking to build on the fundamentals, Elements will supply you everything you need to hit the ground running. Plus, future-proof your fitness regime with our online courses and get tailored support from our coaches when training away from the gym.

The five pillars of fitness
followed by our trainers to take you from where you are, to where you want to be – tailored to your individual needs & ability level


Protect bone health & muscle mass while using your body the way it was designed to move. Strength training is integral in everything we do; our approach uses functional movement patterns such as squats, pushes, pulls, carries & stability utilised throughout everything we deliver.


Improving endurance elevates every aspect of your training, we utilise conditioning sessions to raise your heart rate and improve stamina. We aim to improve the bodies’ ability to work at greater capacities of output. Build a base of aerobic fitness and ramp up the intensity.


Having a strong core not only influences your performance in all areas of training, but also prevents injury and allows us to perform at our best. Good core-stability also contributes to better posture and your movement will be more efficient and powerful.


Working on a joint-by-joint approach to help lubricate and mobilise major joints of the body, whether you are a novice beginning your training journey, or a seasoned performer looking to optimise your fitness – our mobility sessions will serve for your recovery & maintenance needs.


Balance helps control your body while stationary and while moving. By introducing balance in to every area of training, your coordination and body awareness will improve. You’ll also increase your power output through building all-round functional strength!

reap the benefits of our expansive personalised client journey – a PT experience is yours as standard!


You will have an in-depth consultation session where, with your coach, you will outline the direction your training will take. We take time to find out about you, your goals, barriers, needs & health status.


Following, we conduct a thorough physical assessment of your mobility, movement abilities, strength & CV fitness. Using this info allows us to advise which areas need improvement to reach your goals.


Based on the previous 2 steps – your coach prepares a bespoke training program & outlines which of our unique classes would be suitable. You then go through it together ensuring you understand your plan!


After completing the initial few weeks, we review your progress. This allows time for you to engage in your personalised plan – finding what worked well & helps aid us in offering the best way for you to progress further.


Your coach will feedback results from key areas of testing – breaking down the reasons and highlighting areas that require more or less focus. With initial progress made – it’s now up to you how to proceed!

CONSISTENT attendance = RESISTANCE to failure = PERSISTENT long-term progress

We have selected the equipment, identified the layout and created an environment in which our clients will feel empowered to train; providing the variety necessary to keep training effective, and interesting.


Combined years experience
working in the fitness industry


Years experience delivering
fitness industry courses


Sessions delivered to clients,
athletes and professionals.