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The Elements EFFECT – 12-week January Transformation program membership



Our strength sessions apply a split approach with one session focussing on knee hinge dominant exercises (Squat variations) and the other on hip hinge movements (Deadlift variations). Upper body & midline (core) work follows a horizontal/vertical plane split & ensuring to work all of the functions of the trunk, with ANTI movements a prominent feature.

Strength by definition is the ability to produce force – and each 3 month cycle of our strength sessions culminate in testing the ability of each individual to produce maximal force, in a way suitable for their experience, ability & movement limitations. Our preparation & meticulous structure ensures that we lay appropriate foundations, tolerate the ability to manage additional loading & optimise our total body strength as a result.


Our mobility sessions are where we encourage everyone to begin their integration to classes at Elements. Proven techniques are used to improve range of motion in the bodies key areas of locomotion, addressing Individual joint issues initially before progressing to total body mobilisation exercises.

This is a gentle session, suitable for those new to functional training, or to be used as an essential method in recovery for tougher sessions. We also assist individuals extra work with specific videos to target areas whereby mobility will need improvement.

We often use these sessions to precede other sessions – as it serves as an excellent warm up to more challenging and complex training approaches. However, doing on their own is still of huge benefit to participants!


Specifically – we target the circulatory & respiratory systems – or cardio training in more general terms. Cardio fitness as a basic term relates to how effectively the body utilises different energy systems for the demands of necessary tasks. So, for example, if you are a distance runner – a different capacity of conditioning is needed than that of a gymnast or sportsperson.

Our sessions focus on different ends of the spectrum and are written to compliment our strength sessions – rather than overload the same modality of fitness. As a result, conditioning sessions will help with your ability to be life-fit, no matter what it throws at you! These sessions will generally also expend a great deal of calories, helping with weight loss & overall health!


Our movement sessions promote a ‘back-to-basics’ approach with the objective of building foundations in predominantly bodyweight-only movements. With such availability of equipment available, we find that often movements that form the basis of our genetic ability become undertrained & neglected. Pull ups, push ups, full range of movement squats & lunges – we see these as essentials for the ”everyday athlete” and our movement sessions aim to restore the ability to complete these.

Achieving competence in primal movement patterns which we should all have capacity for become initial goals. Following on from these foundations we integrate handstand progressions, rope climbs, muscle-ups and more for unique & challenging sessions!


Ability to train at home, at a time that suits you


Group access & coaching input if you are needing personal guidance


Ability to train at home, at a time that suits you


Group access & coaching input if you are needing personal guidance