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The foundation of our sessions are our Mobility & Movement classes.

Working on a joint-by-joint approach to help lubricate and mobilize major joints of the body, whether you are a novice beginning your training journey, or a seasoned performer looking to optimize your fitness – our Mobility sessions will serve for your recovery & maintenance needs. Slow, progressive & effective.

WHO? These sessions serve as either a fantastic starting point for those new to exercise, especially those who may have sedentary jobs or inactive lifestyles. It is important that the body can deal with the demand of new stimulus in order to adapt to it safely and therefore ensure a good application, with the ability to continue to do so going forward to achieve results in the long-term. These sessions will be low intensity but challenge you to improve on existing weaknesses or issues.

More experienced gym users or those who have more active day-to-day lifestyles or more manual jobs would benefit from these sessions to aid recovery from this continued exposure to stress, to ensure that joints remain healthy and able to cope with the demands of these daily tasks. Should you be rehabilitating an injury, our mobility session who be an advisable place to start in preparation to integrate into some of our more demanding sessions.

WHAT? Based on the needs of the individuals in the group, expect the mobility sessions to be more focused on progressive stretching techniques, use of recovery tools such as foam rollers and application of banding techniques for passive stretching and focussed mobility tactics. Our coaches have years of experience applying progressive programs to a wide range of individuals and actively promote the benefits of active recovery as a tool for progression.

Are these sessions for me, WHY?

  • UNLOCK: Tight and/or restricted & immobile joints
  • REDUCE: Chronic (long-term) pain in joints & muscles
  • UTILISE: A range of mobility & recovery tools
  • RECOVER: In a way that enable you to continue to make progress

The first building block on our foundations are sessions focussed on Movement capabilities. Expect to learn how to carry over the basics of movement on a joint-by-joint approach to a global level. Squatting, lunging, pushing & pulling are all primal movement patterns that we as humans have forgotten. Getting back to primal basics to help understand movement again

  • UTILIZE: The foundations of improved mobility
  • UNLEASH: Your movement potential
  • ACHIEVE: Movement possibilities previously thought impossible
  • BENEFIT: From pain free exercise – facilitation of progression