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The ability to move or be moved freely and easily.
“this exercise helps retain mobility in the damaged joints”
synonyms:ability to move, movability, moveableness, motilit

Our coaches know how – and when – to push, and also to back off

  • WHOLE BODY: Leave no stone unturned – sessions will work top to toe
  • FAT LOSS: Combining resistance and cardio to maximise calorie output
  • STAMINA: Build a base of aerobic fitness and ramp up the intensity
  • ENDURANCE: Improve musculature – active and able for demands of life

Our conditioning sessions will be a culmination of all of our classes. We will combine all of the elements into one session which will be suitable – and tailored for all. Our coaches know how – and when – to push, and also to back off. The sessions will be tough – but still achievable – no matter your perceived level of fitness or ability. Expect challenging sessions which will be fun, upbeat and completed with a real sense of togetherness and achievement.